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Edison Buenaobra

Mr. Edison Buenaobra is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Fatima University located in the Philippines and a licensed physiotherapist by the Professional Regulations Commission (Philippines), Health Authority Abu Dhabi as well as eligible to practice by the Dubai Health Authority.

He worked as a Physiotherapist for 15 years and for the recent 8 years has held a position as a Chief Physiotherapist at the Olivarez General Hospital, a private tertiary hospital, located in the Philippines as well.

His clinical experience includes formulating and providing effective Physiotherapy program for patients in the pediatric, middle age, or geriatric group who suffers from the following conditions:

  • Orthopedic conditions (fractures, arthritis, muscle strains, ligamentous tear/sprains)
  • Neurological conditions (Central and Peripheral)
  • Cardiopulmonary conditions.

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