Dr. Naheed Rashid - ACPN

Dr. Naheed Rashid

Dr. Naheed Rashid is a Clinical Psychologist at ACPN. She obtained her Clinical Psychology
Doctorate (ClinPsyD) degree from the University of Hull, United Kingdom. Post her doctorate
studies, Dr. Rashid completed several training programs on therapeutic modes of therapy, including
qualifying as an eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) therapist in 2021. Dr Rashid is
registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in the UK. She is a member of the
EMDR UK Association, and the British Psychological Society (BPS) where she was granted
Fellowship from the Society in 2017.

She has worked in the mental health services for over twenty years with experience in both clinical
work and teaching. Her clinical experience covers working with people across the age span, ranging
from adolescents to older adults, throughout a wide array of psychological difficulties and levels of
abilities. Within teaching, Dr. Rashid has supervised numerous clinical interns, and provided bespoke
training to staff teams, including topics on autism, managing challenging behaviors, and formulation
training, as well as a contributor to published research papers. Dr. Rashid also has vast experience
working with individuals with intellectual disabilities including those with mild to profound learning
disabilities, autistic spectrum, Down syndrome, dementia, challenging behaviors, and other organic
or environmental intellectual disability.

Dr. Rashid employs a range of techniques in her clinical practice including cognitive behavioral
therapy (CBT), EMDR, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavioural therapy
(DBT), positive behavioral support (PBS), mindfulness, and group work for conditions such as anger
and anxiety management. She is a strong advocate of an integrative approach that ensures each
therapeutic model is tailored to her clients’ needs. With her multicultural and multilingual
background, she gained valuable experience in working therapeutically and clinically with clients
without the aid of an interpreter, enabling communication that is so crucial to fully understand the
client’s challenges and become enablers of the best treatment outcomes.


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