Salah Jaber - ACPN

Salah Jaber

Mr. Salah Jaber is Speech and Language Therapist at ACPN. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences from the University of Jordan, Amman, in 2017. Throughout this period, Mr. Jaber built and developed his scientific repertoire on both clinical and theoretical fronts as speech and language therapist. Mr. Jaber is a registered SLT in Jordan as well as the UAE.

Mr. Jaber worked in Amwaj Centre for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation, UAE for three years which expanded his experience and clinical abilities. His duties were mainly dedicated towards assessing and treating various speech and language disorders in addition to counseling and follow-up. Additionally, he participated in speech and hearing sciences conferences and courses including the 6th International ENT & SLP Conference 2019 and Cochlear Co. Workshop in 2016 and 2017.

Language delay, articulation and phonological disorders, aural rehabilitation, autism spectrum disorders, and stuttering in addition to voice and neurological disorders (Dysarthria/Aphasia/ Apraxia) are the main areas of Mr. Jaber’s expertise. He established a strong record in assessing and treating these cases effectively. He is adept at working in cross-functional teams including ENT specialists, neurologists, pediatricians, audiologists, occupational therapists, special educators as well as parents in ensuring that patients receive the highest levels of care consistency and continuity.


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