Anna Etewi - ACPN

Anna Etewi

Anna Eteiwi is a Counseling Psychologist at ACPN. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling
Psychology from the University of Jordan and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Mental Health.
She received training at the National Psychiatric Hospital for Mental Health and the psychiatric ward
at King Hussein Medical City during her studies.

Beginning her career alongside her late father, Dr. Mohammed Eteiwi, the first Child Psychiatrist and
Psychiatrist in the Middle East, Ms. Etiewi gained valuable experience at his clinic from her
undergraduate days. Her professional journey includes working at clinics and the Jordanian Women’s
Union, where she conducted field visits and managed a counseling line for victims of physical abuse.
She then transitioned to the Royal Jordanian Airlines HR department, starting as an employee
relations specialist before becoming a career counselor. She later moved to the humanitarian sector,
working as a psychologist at the Zaatari camp, addressing the mental health needs of the camp
residents. Her psychotherapy practice encompasses various approaches depending on the diagnosis
including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, Psychosexual
Therapy, Positive Psychotherapy, Sleep Management, Mentalization, Free Association, and Coping

She specializes in treating anxiety disorders, depression, OCD, panic attacks, adjustment and acute
stress disorders, sleep disorders, and psychotic disorders based on the stage and severity, and
behavioral concerns. Psychoeducation is a core part of her treatment plans, along with parenting
skills for child-rearing and behavioral interventions with children.


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