Dr. Asmaa Alotaiby - ACPN

Dr. Asmaa Alotaiby

Dr. Asmaa Alotaiby comes to ACPN from the U.S. where she worked as a Behavioral Health Consultant and Marriage and Family Therapist. She completed her Doctorate degree in Family Therapy at Saint Louis University in Missouri. She remains a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both the state of Washington and Illinois. Dr. Alotaiby has been a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) since 2011. In addition, she obtained a Master of Art Degree in Psychological from Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Alotaiby has years of experience working for non-profit agencies in the U.S. such as: The Center for Counseling and Family Therapy, Family Resource Center, Marriage and Family Counseling Services, and Family Health Centre. In addition to her clinical experience with diverse populations, she actively presents at national and international conferences.

Dr. Alotaiby works with adults to support them better understand themselves and communicate with others properly. Over the years, she has helped her clients create and maintain meaningful relationships. She provides counseling services to individuals, couples, and families with grief and loss, divorce and remarriage, abuse issues, PTSD, depression, and anxiety, and addiction and codependency.


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