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Mohammed Raiyes

Mr. Mohammed Raiyes is Clinical Psychologist at ACPN. He completed a postgraduate degree in mental health at Al Neelain University in 2017 and a postgraduate diploma in clinical psychology from Khartoum University in Sudan a year prior. He is a licensed practitioner in the UAE and Sudan.

Mr. Mohammed Raiyes has been in the field of mental health and psychology since 2014. Before his appointment at ACPN in 2023, he worked at Alshareef Hospital for Psychiatry, and Noor Center in Sudan since 2020. His role covered teletherapy in recent developments of COVID19 for clients in UK, US, and Turkey through telephonic and online meetings. He is well experienced in managing a wide range of conditions and ages from adolescent to adult clients, having worked extensively in clinical settings from hospitals, rehabilitation, long term care, and social care centers in Sudan and the UAE.

His role as a clinical psychologist covered a broad spectrum of services in psychological assessment and treatments, treating depression, anxiety, phobias, substance abuse, and helping those with personality disorders through a range of techniques including individual and family therapy as well as CBT, DBT and the Matrix model. Mr. Raiyes regularly presents at conferences, in Sudan by inviting experts from UNODC, UK, US, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.



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