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Rosita Abla

Mrs. Rosita Abla Hindi completed her Master’s degree and higher studies diploma in Clinical Psychology from the Saint Joseph University, Lebanon in 2003. She became a psychoanalyst member of ALDeP (Association Libanaise pour le Développement de la Psychanalyse) in 2016 and is part of its Ethical Committee. She is also a member of the IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association) since 2020.

Mrs. Abla has two decades of experience as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Lebanon. This involved an extensive private practice handling a busy workload during her time there, while also gaining experience in the educational setting as a School Psychologist at the International College in Beirut, Lebanon.

Mrs. Abla has worked with a variety of patients with mild to severe cases. She is skilled at working with teenagers and adults with trauma/PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, relationship and family issues, addiction, and more. She charts the healing process through exploring symptoms using the connection with the unconscious mind.


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