Dr. Joseph Guirguis - ACPN

Dr. Joseph Guirguis

Dr. Joseph Guirguis is Consultant Psychiatrist at ACPN. He was elected member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK in 2000 and subsequently awarded the Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST, UK) in General Adult Psychiatry focused on Substance Misuse in 2003. He is a licensed consultant in the UK and UAE.


Dr. Guirguis held several senior posts including Executive Medical Director, Lead Clinician in the UK and UAE. His particular focus was on leading, developing, and progressing clinical services to treat eating and addiction disorders in adults and adolescents. Dr. Guirguis’s last assignment was as consultant psychiatrist and medical lead for an award-winning NHS community eating disorder service – Forward Thinking Birmingham for four years until 2023. He simultaneously worked as consultant psychiatrist and provided clinical leadership for a community general adult psychiatric service; in addition to a regional inpatient adolescent eating disorder unit before joining ACPN in 2023.


Dr. Guirguis’s has extensive experience managing general psychiatric illnesses in adults and children including depression, anxiety, phobias, and eating disorders. His areas of professional interests are adolescent psychiatry, autism, ADHD, and addiction management including gambling, internet gaming disorders where he has worked for many years in senior appointments. He is an avid medical educationist having lectured in many international conferences, academic and public settings while receiving recognition in the NHS, UK for his contributions to advancing service provision in mental health.


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