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Dr. Asma Ben Houidi

Dr. Asma Ben Houidi is a Consultant Psychiatrist at ACPN. She began her medical career with a 2009 graduation from the Faculte de Medicine de Tunis, Tunisia. She furthered her academic pursuits by completing a comprehensive Psychiatry residency program at Al Razi Hospital, Tunisia, and Le Vinatier Hospital, France. Her quest for knowledge led her to earn a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychiatry in 2011, along with diplomas in Perinatal Psychiatry, Child Development, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy from The Faculte de Medicine de Tunis, Tunisia, each year successively until 2013. In 2017, she obtained a diploma in Addictology from Paris- Sud University in France. Dr. Ben Houidi has been a licensed psychiatrist in the UAE since 2016.

With a decade of international medical experience in the diagnosis and management of psychiatric disorders, Dr. Ben Houidi brings a global perspective to her practice. Her extensive training and roles in renowned hospitals in Tunisia, France, and the UAE equip her with the skills to serve patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Notable points in her UAE career include over three years at Mediclinic until 2023 and a prior role with the behavioral sciences department at Medical Services Directorate in Abu Dhabi for four years until 2020.

Dr. Ben Houidi specializes in the management of a broad range of mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, and sleep disorders. Her dedication extends beyond clinical proficiency to encompass teaching, internship programs, and research, with publications in international medical journals. She actively contributes to various medical societies by delivering lectures and volunteering at events aimed at raising awareness about mental health in the region. Dr. Ben Houidi adopts a patient-centered approach, utilizing a blend
of psychopharmacology, psychotherapies, and social interventions to achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

Spoken Language(s): Arabic, French, English


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