Dr. Chadi Al Alam - ACPN

Dr. Chadi Al Alam

Dr. Chadi Al Alam is Specialist Pediatric Neurologist at ACPN. Completing his MD qualification in 2011, he went on to specialize in Pediatrics from the Lebanese University in 2015. He completed Pediatric and Adolescent Neurology fellowship at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), Lebanon in 2018. Dr. Al Alam also holds a University Diploma in Principles of Medical Research, Lebanese University held in collaboration with the Foundation-Medical Research Institutes of Switzerland in 2015.

Dr. Al Alam’s experience marks more than three years as a Consultant in Pediatrics and Adolescent Neurology at many university hospitals and NGOs in Lebanon. Before moving to the UAE, Dr. Al Alam also worked in genetic research and rare diseases in collaboration with University College London, UK, and Haykel Hospital, Lebanon, 2021, and in sickle cell research and drug trials, Nini Hospital, Lebanon, 2021.

With deep experience in medical academics and practice in neurological disorders and diseases in children and adolescents, Dr. Al Alam presents at medical conferences with scientific papers published in international journals.

Dr. Al Alam treats children and adolescents presenting with headaches, seizures, epilepsy, sleep disorders and neuromuscular diseases. He also works with children with autism spectrum disorders, tic disorders, attention deficit and hyperactive disorders, and has a special interest in rare genetic diseases.


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