Muhamed Faisal - ACPN

Muhamed Faisal

Mr. Muhamed Faisal is a Pharmacist at ACPN’s Pharmacy. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Dr. MGR Medical University, India in 2012. After graduation he worked in India, clearing his DOH licensing examination as a pharmacist with the DOH, Abu Dhabi in 2015, and eventually moved to the UAE.

Before joining ACPN, Mr. Faisal started his career in Al Manara Pharmacies, UAE in 2016. Starting off with prescription fulfillment for patients as well as pharmacy store management, his role advanced into a liaison with insurance companies ensuring patients receive their insurance benefits accurately and reliably.

As a pharmacist, Mr. Faisal believes in precision and timeliness. Attending several professional development programs in pharmacology and regulatory standards, he is well-versed with current federal regulations and manages all regulatory approvals for ACPN’s Pharmacy. With a strong commitment to patient wellness, Mr. Faisal goes the extra mile to ensure a patient is well cared for.


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