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Farah Samaha

Mrs. Farah Samaha is a Speech and Language Therapist at ACPN. She completed her bachelor’s degree in hearing and speech sciences from University of Jordan, Amman in 2011. She is a Hanen certified therapist from the Hanen Canadian Organization (It Takes Two to Talk Program) and with British Makaton. Farah holds her licensure as Speech Therapist with the Ministry of Health in Jordan and the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

Mrs. Samaha worked as Speech and Language Therapist in Jordan, Amman for five years prior to moving To Abu Dhabi in 2015. Her work as SLT at the Middle East Association for Speech, Hearing and Balance in Jordan extensively involved providing therapeutic solutions for infants and children with hearing aid (cochlear implant) to develop their listening skills and communication. She also provided parental guidance to help create an interface between the children and parents on communicating their needs by improving their listening, speech and language skills in a natural manner. She also has experience working with adults acquiring cochlear implants. In 2014, Farah worked in Amman Center for Speech, Language and Swallowing and then moved to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation in Amman. While in Abu Dhabi, she worked in child speech and early intervention programs for Stars Center for Special Abilities since 2015 and at Son Rise for Special Abilities since 2018. Along with her deep experience with hearing impairment, Mrs. Samaha achieved remarkable progress with children diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech.

She is skilled in offering therapeutic programs for children with articulation and phonology disorders, language delay, autism spectrum disorder, dysarthria, fluency disorders, cerebral palsy, and auditory processing disorder. She also provides clinical sessions for adults with fluency disorder, and aphasia. Mrs. Samaha has experience in developing individual therapeutic plans (ITP) & assessments, and liaises with school teachers to help children within the classroom environment.

Nationality: Jordanian

Spoken Language/s: Arabic, English


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