Dr. Saima Jehanzeb - ACPN

Dr. Saima Jehanzeb

Dr. Saima Jehanzeb is Consultant Psychiatrist at ACPN. She earned a certificate of completion of
training (CCT) in General Adult and Liaison Psychiatry in 2021 and is a member of the Royal
College of Psychiatrists since 2017. Dr. Jehanzeb is a licensed psychiatrist in the UK and the

Dr. Jehanzeb has more than fifteen years of experience as a psychiatric practitioner. After her
medical graduation in Pakistan, she moved to the UK to work on specialist training in 2008,
eventually attaining full consultant psychiatrist status in 2021. She has subspecialist experience
in addiction psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, eating disorder inpatient and day centres, perinatal
psychiatry, and managing psychiatric ICU. She has experience of running Huntington’s disease
clinics during her training at Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital and General Neuropsychiatry
clinics seeing cases like non-epileptic attack disorder, sleep disorders, Tourette syndrome,
chronic fatigue syndrome, conversion disorders, functional neurological disorders, head injuries,
neurodevelopmental disorders including ASD and ADHD. Before Dr. Jehanzeb joined ACPN in
2023, she worked as a consultant psychiatrist in community and primary care mental health in
the largest mental health trust in West Midlands Deanery, United Kingdom. Dr. Jehanzeb’s work
extended well beyond clinical practice, as she actively taught medical students and chaired the
West Midlands deanery and led various research and academic projects during her tenure at the

She has successfully managed complex cases presenting with treatment-resistant depression and
psychosis, schizophrenia, and bipolar affective disorder. As a liaison psychiatrist, she managed
patients presenting in emergency with a wide range of mental health issue including dementia
and delirium in elderly population, and depression/psychosis in patients as young as 16 years. Dr.
Jehanzeb is trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT, motivational interviewing therapy,
and behavioral family therapy.


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