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Feras Abu Shamas

Mr. Feras Abu Shamas is an Occupational Therapist at ACPN. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from The Hashemite University in Jordan in 2008. He is currently pursuing his coursework to certify as Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) from Florida Institute of Technology, affiliated with BACB. Mr. Abu Shamas is licensed with the Ministry of Health, Jordan and the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi.

Mr. Abu Shamas has over ten years’ experience in Occupational Therapy in Jordan and the UAE working with pediatric and adult populations. Mr. Abu Shamas worked as Head of Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Coordinator in Marbella Speech Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, Abu Dhabi for four years before joining ACPN in 2021. Prior to this, he worked at Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care as Occupational Therapist for eight years until 2017. Before moving to the UAE, Mr. Feras worked in Jordan at Autism Academy of Jordan as a Senior OT, and at the Al-Hussain Society for the Habilitation and Rehabilitation of Physically Challenged.

He is experienced working with conditions such as sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, and challenging behaviors. He is skilled at conducting assessments of physical, communication, interaction, cognitive skills and activities of daily living (ADLS). He plans treatment plans and sets goals in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams, advising family and caregivers, while helping with adaptations and accommodations to patient’s home, school, or work environments. He works with the adult population for conditions such as strokes, spinal cord injury, and hand injury. He is trained in Sensory Integration and ABA as well as assessments such as VMI, TVPS, SPM, PDMS-2, HELP Strands, and VB-MAPP.


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