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Noora Kobty

Ms. Noora Kobty is a Counseling Psychologist at ACPN. She graduated in 2008 with her
master’s degree in counseling psychology from Western Michigan University, USA, and her
bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in 2005. She is dually licensed in both
Counseling and Psychology in the USA, State of Michigan and in the UAE as a Counseling
Psychologist.With over a decade of experience in clinical care and academics, Ms. Kobty has worked with
diverse, multicultural clients in mental health settings in both the USA and the UAE. In her early
career, that began in 2008, she gained valuable experience in clinical and hospital settings in
Michigan, USA assisting clients, of all ages, through crisis intervention and initial evaluation to
determine the best level of care according to their symptoms and diagnosis. Returning to Abu
Dhabi in 2010, Ms. Kobty served as a School Counselor for three years, compassionately
guiding, and assisting children and their families facing a spectrum of psychological challenges.
Her expertise then led her to work at prominent institutions such as the German Neuroscience
Center and governmental tertiary care centers, where she played a vital role in assisting children
and adults with various mental health symptoms.

Ms. Kobty’s comprehensive approach encompasses a broad range of clinical diagnoses, including
anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, social phobia, ADHD,
learning disabilities, family and relationship issues. She tailors her strategies to clients of all age
groups, employing techniques in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychological testing,
and play therapy to ensure successful outcomes. With her wealth of experience and dedication to
the well-being of her clients, Ms. Kobty is committed to providing high-quality psychological
services in a multicultural context.


ACPN offers quality mental health services with utmost care


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