Dr. Charles Yacoub - ACPN

Dr. Charles Yacoub

Dr. Charles is a consultant psychiatrist at ACPN. In 2008 he completed higher training in adult psychiatry from St. Joseph University and Paris Diderot faculty of medicine (France). He also specialized in Addiction medicine in Paris Descartes Faculty of medicine, France. He has a diploma in Cognitive Behavioral therapy.

Dr. Charles’ experience spans over a decade of specialized care in psychiatry in Lebanon, France, Saudi Arabia, and currently in the UAE. In 2009, he joined the psychiatry and behavioral department at Bellevue Medical Center, Lebanon, with outpatient and inpatient privileges as well as liaison psychiatry, where he continued to practice until his move to UAE in 2021. He also held posts as a lecturer in medical universities including the Lebanese University for twelve years since 2008, as well as training sharing clinical expertise and best practice at NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders and MENHARA.

In 2017, Dr. Charles started up multi-disciplinary home-based treatments of addictive disorders and mental disorders as Medical Director of Reset Clinics, an outpatient treatment and rehab center for dual diagnosis of Addiction/psychiatry. He was the psychiatrist of the bariatric and eating disorder department at Middle East Institute of Health University Hospital, Lebanon for 10 years since 2010.

Dr. Charles has long-standing experience in managing psychiatric illnesses such as PTSD, panic disorder, OCD, Chronic anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, psychosis, sexual disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, and addictions. Experienced in psychiatric care in both inpatient and outpatient settings, he has a special interest in treating co-morbid Neuro-psychiatric conditions and psychiatric dual diagnoses.


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