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Mohammad Sobh

Mr. Mohammad Sobh is Occupational Therapist at ACPN. He completed a graduate program in Occupational Therapy (BSc OT) from Bethlehem University, Palestine in 2011. He is licensed as Occupational Therapist with the DOH, Abu Dhabi.

With ten years of experience in occupational therapy in UAE, Mr. Sobh gained insight into clinical and hospital rehabilitation settings treating neurological and developmental disorders. Upon completing his graduation, he worked as Occupational Therapist under World Health Organization at a Psychiatry Hospital until 2012. Moving to Dubai, he started his OT career at Majdi El-Halik Pediatric Center Physical and Mental Rehabilitation Center for two years until 2014. He then joined Dubai Rehabilitation Center for Special Needs under the Ministry of Social Affairs where he would work as occupational therapist for three years. He then joined Berlin Medical and Neurological Rehabilitation Center in 2017 leading the Occupational Therapy department there for three years. Before joining ACPN in 2021, he was as Senior Occupational Therapist at Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children overseeing both outpatient and inpatient long-term care and rehabilitation for neonatal, children and adults.

Mr. Sobh works with children with developmental and physical challenges such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD/ADD, Cerebral Palsy, Brachial Plexus Injury, gross and fine motor delays, executive functioning challenges, sensory processing challenges, and social skill challenges. He uses diagnostic tools and evaluation methods including sensory processing evaluation, Peabody Developmental Motor Scales Evaluation, sensory integration techniques, and behavioral modification (RBT). Mr. Sobh is passionate about supporting children reach their potential by providing strategies, building on their strengths, and collaborating with family and other professionals involved in the child’s life.


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