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Ahmad Alkhatib

Mr. Ahmad Alkhatib is Occupational Therapist at ACPN. Prior to his appointment at ACPN Mr. Alkhatib was Head of Rehabilitation at Ultra Medical Center in Abu Dhabi. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Jordan University Of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan in 2008.  Mr. Alkhatib holds his licensure as an Occupational Therapist with the Ministry of Health in Jordan and the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

Upon completing his education, Mr. Alkhatib worked at the Autism Academy of Jordan as Occupational Therapist and Head of Vocational and Pre-vocational department for a period of two years until 2010. He then moved to Saudi Arabia where he worked for two years at the Alhanan Rehab Center for Children prior to moving to the UAE in 2011. His first assignment in the UAE was at the Emirates Down Syndrome Association in Dubai specializing in Pediatric Occupational Therapy for over three years. He then moved in to i-Care Clinics in Alain city catering to a range of cases such as geriatric, pediatric, as well as injuries of the hand and splint cases for two years until October 2017. He then moved into Ultra Medical Center in Abu Dhabi where he was Occupational Therapist & Head of Rehabilitation.

He is well experienced in occupational therapy for a range of different cases from pediatric, adult as well as geriatrics. He is also skilled at treatment and rehabilitation of hand injuries, ADHD, Down syndrome, development disorders, hand injuries, and neuro-developmental disorders.

He is trained in sensory integration, as well as applied behavior analysis.

Nationality: Jordanian

Spoken Language/s: Arabic, English


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