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Josee El Hayek

M.A in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology

Ms. Josee El Hayek is a Clinical Psychologist at ACPN. She obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium in 2015. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Psychology at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon. She is a licensed psychologist in both Lebanon and the UAE and is recognized by the Commission of Psychologists in Belgium.

Ms. El Hayek has been in the field of mental health treatment and awareness for over seven years. She practiced clinical psychology in various interdisciplinary settings, primarily at the Association of Justice and Mercy (NGO) in Lebanon where she started in 2016 providing individual and group therapy to prisoners, victims of torture and substance users and other vulnerable populations. She later started managing the Harm Reduction Program related to substance use within the Association, supervising the Opioid Substitution Therapy, as well as the Awareness and Prevention Program related to HIV, both in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon.

Besides her experience working with adults, Ms. El Hayek also worked as a psychologist at Father Andeweg Institution for the Deaf in Lebanon where she provided counseling to hard-of-hearing children and adolescents; and assisted the educational and specialized team in implementing individual or collective intervention and prevention strategies. She continues to teach as a Faculty Member of Humanities at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon since 2019.

Ms. El Hayek is an EMDR-trained therapist and a CBT Certification trainee at the BECK Institute. She works with individuals struggling with various mental health issues such as anxiety and mood disorders, trauma, interpersonal problems, and psychosocial difficulties, all within an eclectic approach allowing her to use the most effective methods when addressing the person’s individual needs.

Nationality: Lebanese
Spoken Language/s: Arabic, English & French


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