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Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Lead – Psychiatry Services, Deputy CMO

Prof. George Tadros

Senior Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Lead – Psychology Services, Deputy CMO

Dr. Rami Alshihabi

Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Lead – Al Ain Psychiatry Team

Dr. Yahya Takriti

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Lead – Dubai Psychology Team, Director of Eating and Weight Disorders Program

Carine el Khazen Hadati

Clinical Psychologist, Team Leader – Adult Psychology Team (Abu Dhabi)

Ghena Yaacoub

Clinical Psychologist, Team Leader – Psychology Team (Dubai & Sharjah)

Sara Michli

Clinical Psychologist, Head of Clinical Supervision Program (Dubai & Sharjah)

Rosita Abla

Clinical Psychologist, Team Leader – Psychology Team (Dubai & Sharjah)

Toubia Farah

Clinical Psychologist, Team Leader – Child Psychology Team (Abu Dhabi)

Stephanie Srour

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