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Do you turn red behind the wheel?

You see it every day, people in their cars, honking, repeatedly flashing their high beams, yelling and gesturing obscenities, not allowing others to change lanes, tailgating, and swerving so recklessly that you think you could get killed. Most drivers have experienced some form of road rage including you!

  • Problem Solve. If your daily commute is full of traffic congestion and leaving you frustrated, DO SOMETHING about it. Change your route. Give yourself plenty of time so you’re not rushed or pressured. Or get used to the status quo, because it isn’t going to change unless you do.
  • Listen to something. What kind music, audiobooks, or podcasts help you when you’re feeling out of sorts? Play them. If you don’t know, explore some of your interests. You can even download a comedic podcast. It is impossible to be angry while laughing.

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