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UAE University organizes a mental health forum

Al Ain, October 13 / WAM / The United Arab Emirates University organized the MentalHealth Forum under the slogan “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right” in order toemphasize the growing importance of educating society about psychological issues andincreasing interest in them.

The forum included specialized sessions in the field of mental health, in which a group of experts and specialists participated, discussing multiple topics related to mental health.

In a paper he presented during the forum, Dr. Adel Karrani, consultant psychiatrist at theAmerican Psychiatric and Neurological Center, addressed the issue of the quality and standards of psychological care in the UAE, while Dr. Hussein Al Masih, expert in the development and social care sector at the Community Development Authority in Dubai, presented an overview of the professional ethics of workers in the field. Mental health, while Dr. Aram Hassan, psychiatry and trauma consultant at the American Psychiatric and Neurological Center, pointed to the issue of social stigma and its impact on the individual and society.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Badi, a psychiatrist, presented a paper on the rights of psychiatric patients and the extent of health institutions’ commitment to them, while Dr. Mervat Amin, a lecturer in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the university, presented the topic of promoting mental health and the well- being of individuals.

The “Mental Health Exhibition 2023”, which was held within the framework of the forum’s activities, witnessed participation from inside and outside the university, including the Al Qattara Arts Center and psychology students at the university, who presented projects and activities aimed at increasing awareness of mental health topics.

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