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ACPN offers stress management programs for corporate clients seeking to help and improve happiness and productivity in the workplace. Our multidisciplinary team can consult with you and chart out and manage incidents before they happen.

Stress occurs in everyday life, and workplaces can do much to help their employees manage and alleviate stress using coping and defence strategies to manage it. Improving employee wellbeing through the COVID19 pandemic is of critical importance to corporations today. While some level of stress is tolerable and even considered healthy in the work environment, there are many situations that may cause stress over and above what is regarded as normal. These are referred to as ‘critical incidents’, and the stress caused by them is called Critical Incident Stress (CIS).

What is Critical Incident Stress?

“A physical and psychological response to an incident that presents a worker or team with complex, intense or threatening situations, and requires the mobilisation of an unusual intensity of emotional energy and professional skill. It causes a high degree of neurological arousal that involves important chemical changes in the brain and behavioural and emotional changes”. (Mitchell & Everly, 1993).



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Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

What is Critical incident stress management (CISM)?

Critical incident stress management (CISM) is a set of protocols to be initiated during a critical incident to ensure that all aspects of the employees’ needs regarding stress are met.

How does it work?

Process – Critical incident stress management process

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