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Smoking Cessation Program

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Among the leading causes of preventable death, tobacco smoking death ranks number in the world today. The number of illnesses caused by tobacco smoking account for 5.4 million deaths every year. Tobacco consumption causes respiratory illnesses, lung diseases, several types of cancers, and cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including heart disease and stroke.

ACPN’s smoking cessation program is focused on helping clients overcome barriers to quitting smoking. Our program helps individuals with habitual smoking and addictions seek help through counselling and smoking-cessation medications.

Quit Smoking: Why is professional help needed?

Nicotine dependence is classified as a relapsing chronic disease, often requiring ongoing medical treatment, as do all other diseases, medical disorders, and drug dependencies. Many smokers will only be able to stop smoking and maintain long-term abstinence after receiving clinical treatment and management training for their nicotine dependence.

The effectiveness of individual counseling and pharmacotherapy in smoking cessation interventions is well established. An individual’s chances of success in quitting smoking can be almost doubled by the combination of face-to-face counseling and the use of smoking-cessation medications.



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ACPN’s Smoking Cessation Program

Program Principals

  • Provide information and increase awareness about the risks of smoking.
  • Encourage smokers to think about the relevance of quitting to their lives, identify the risks associated with smoking, and realize the rewards of quitting.
  • Help individuals in need of medical and psychological assistance to quit smoking and reduce the risk of relapse.

Program Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify their reasons for smoking and for quitting
  2. Identify their smoking patterns and smoking triggers
  3. Recognize approaches to quitting smoking
  4. Describe the physical effects of tobacco use
  5. Recognize the symptoms of physical withdrawal
  6. List strategies for quitting
  7. Utilize tips to help replace tobacco with healthy alternatives

Benefits of quitting smoking?

The health benefits of quitting smoking are substantial. The greatest health benefits are for smokers without smoking-related diseases who stop smoking before they reach 35 years of age – they can reclaim a normal life expectancy. Smokers who stop later in life, however – even during their 70s – can expect to significantly reduce their risk of premature death.

To know more about our smoking cessation services, call our team at 800 ACPN (800 2276) or send us an email at info@americancenteruae.com

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