Tamara Haddad - ACPN

Tamara Haddad

Tamara Haddad is an experienced Psychologist at ACPN. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the American University of Beirut in 2013 and Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Liverpool, UK in 2019. She is also a CDA licensed psychologist with DHA in Dubai.

With over a decade of working in mental health in the UAE, Ms. Haddad has been in educational psychology and special education in Abu Dhabi and Dubai since 2013. Working with various institutions including LifeWorks Holistic Counseling Center, Wilson Center for Child Development, and British Center for Psychiatry and Neurology, she specializes in working with children with autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, cognitive and developmental delays, and other conditions. She is trained in conducting the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2), IQ testing (WISC-V, WIAT-III, WPPSI-III), as well as adaptive behavior scales and ADHD assessments.

Ms. Haddad is trained and specialized in a myriad of skills ranging from behavioral and academic intervention, psychometric and educational assessments, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and counseling for individuals, groups, and family therapy. She earned her behavior therapist (RBT) certification in 2016 from the BACB. She is also trained to work with clients on reading and comprehension skills including using Lindamood-Bell Instruction and the Davis methods.


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