Ola Kaiyali - ACPN

Ola Kaiyali

Ms. Ola Kaiyali is a Pharmacist at ACPN’s Pharmacy. She completed her B.Pharm. from Al Ain University of Science and Technology in 2012. She is a licensed pharmacist in Abu Dhabi since 2014 after completing her training at Tawam Hospital, Al Ain.

She joined ACPN’s Pharmacy from Ain Al Khaleej hospital (Al Ain) where she was an In-Patient Pharmacist for seven years. Her work involved IV fluid preparation, electrolytes, and other IV preparation and outpatient experience in aseptic techniques, administrative and qualitative protocols in medication safety, insurance protocols, stock management, as well as effectively communicating with patients and medical teams to ensure the correct administration of medication.

She is keen to work with patients and medical teams to aid in their recovery process.


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