Dr. Mohamad Harb - ACPN

Dr. Mohamad Harb

Dr. Mohamad Harb is Consultant Neurologist at ACPN. Graduating medical school from the Lebanese University in 1999, he completed his Internal Medicine training from American University of Beirut in 2002. Completing Neurology residency training in 2005. He further attended an advanced training in Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology from American University of Beirut in 2007.

Dr. Harb has experience of fourteen years in managing neurological illnesses at many hospitals in Lebanon including Monla Hospital, Nini Hospital, and Haykalieh Hospital. He also had a significant role in academics as Associate Professor of Faculty of Public Health in the Lebanese University for sixteen years.

Drawing from his clinical and academic insights, Dr. Harb presents regularly at scientific conferences internationally, with contributions to medical research & publications.

Dr. Harb works with adults with headache, Alzheimer’s disease and cognition impairment, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, radiculopathy, Parkinson’s disease, cerebrovascular accident, management of migraine headache with botox injections, performing diagnostics and reading electroencephalogram (EEG), nerve conduction studies (NCS), and electromyography (EMG). Dr. Harb has a keen interest in adult epilepsy.


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