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Charm Payuran

Ms. Charm Payuran is a Pharmacist at ACPN’s pharmacy in Dubai. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy at the University of Santo Tomas, the Philippines in 2011. Having passed the Pharmacist Licensure Exam in 2011 she went on to complete her training as Clinical Pharmacist at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Philippines. She is a licensed pharmacist in Dubai and the Philippines.

Ms. Payuran worked in the Philippines as a pharmacist from 2011 for three years, then moved to Dubai in 2014. After obtaining her DHA license as a pharmacist in 2015, she worked as a pharmacist for five years, and as a pharmacist-in-charge for two years until 2022. Currently, she is working as a pharmacist at American Center Pharmacy, Dubai.


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